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Don't wish us a Happy International Women's Day

A reflection by Deborah Gray, founder and managing director of Canela, on how much is still left to achieve in terms of workplace equality and the need to launch initiatives like Stop Working For Change that strive to continue promoting women's empowerment.

Women in tech

Imagine there are no women in tech, and you have to create AI avatars to show diversity. Now, imagine that women do exist in the field, but someone thought using avatars instead of real women was the better option. Sometimes, reality surpasses fiction…

Fewer professional opportunities for women in Portugal

As the progression to leadership positions advances, the representation of the female gender decreases, as revealed by a new study from BCSD Portugal. Men also tend to receive a higher income than women.

UK gender pay gap

If you're a woman in the UK and you're already 18 years old. We're sorry, you'll never know what wage equality is. ¿Is it a gap if it becomes insurmountable?

Conclusions on the Esade Gender Monitor report

“Gender equality moves faster when the CEO is a woman”. A talk about gender and diversity amongst boards of directors and senior management.


The initiative of the European Parliament Office in Spain to increase the visibility of women experts in the public space, particularly as speakers in debates, events, and conferences on European issues.

How the labor market and gender equality influence fertility in Portugal

According to the National Institute of Statistics, in 2022, the average monthly net income of employed men reached 1116 euros, compared to 950 euros for women – meaning, on average, men earned 17.5% more than women.

In Portugal, 7 out of 10 communication professionals are women

Although 68% of the staff in communication agencies are women, 60% of the leadership and management positions are held by men. These data are reflected in the study 'The Value of Communication,' released by APECOM - Portuguese Association of Communication and Public Relations Consulting Companies.

Average annual full-time salary in Spain

The salary gap has shrunk since 2012, when full-time male employees earned over 15 percent more than their female colleagues. However, the gender breach is wider for permanent positions.

Gender pay gap in Portugal

In Portugal, there is a basic wage gap of 16.7% between men and women. But if take supplementary compensation, bonuses and benefits into account the injustice is even greater, with a difference of around 19.9%

Communicating together​

‘Communicating Together’ is a collection of experiences from women working in communications to inspire new generations. Download for free the book edited by Canela.